Patientperx: Patient and HCP Integration
Be there every step of the way

We’ve expanded our reach from the pharmacy to the doctor’s office, enabling Rx brands to connect with healthcare consumers and providers across the entire path to care. With our network of 291,000 opted-in HCPs, and data-driven targeting capabilities matching product to audience, we provide a strategic gateway for delivering the right message at the right time in the right place.


Consumers trust their health care provider to be up to date on the best possible solutions for their health and well-being. Our Learnable HCP education and resource kit equips them with information that addresses their specific specialty and patient needs, helping them continue to stay informed about Rx medications and elevating the care they give.


When consumers visit a care provider, they’re taking the next step to finding the right solution. This critical point is where Patientperx Activation Bags help brands further their credibility and influence. Containing relevant incentives and educational materials, the activation bags add value to the care that patients receive while helping brand messages break through.


Through pre- and post-program surveys gathering feedback from the health care office and provider, we identify the true impact Patientperx creates for Rx brands.