We use a Matched-Panel Experimental Design protocol to measure Rx EDGE programs and ensure they are performing most effectively for your brand. It is considered the Gold Standard in marketing measurement because of its validated statistical design and level of accuracy,

In addition to detailed performance metrics, we also furnish insights that guide decision-making. Since our inception more than 15 years ago, our focus has been on providing trustworthy, transparent, and reliable analytics that help marketers determine the impact of their media and develop measurably improved marketing plans.

Measuring Specialty Drug Programs

Specialty brands require a tailored analytics approach that utilizes all available data. In conjunction with RII we will create a custom measurement design that is specific to your brand.

Core Plan Elements:

  • Installation Footprint
  • Matched Markets
  • Retail Network Data
  • Retail Specialty Data
  • Client-Supplied Sales Data by Geography